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Pupil Premium Funding 2017/18

The Highcrest Academy will receive £255,411 for pupil premium for the academic year 2016/17.

Pupil Premium Funding will be used to provide a percentage of the services of a Pastoral Inclusion Team at The Highcrest Academy made up of the following: Special Educational Needs (SEN) department; the English as an Additional Language (EAL) department; the Inclusion Support Centre; Academic Mentors, Learning Mentors; the School Matron; Senior Heads of Learning and the Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator.  (Costs vary depending on the required specific support per Pupil Premium (PP) pupil).  This team identifies where specific support is required to enable all PP pupils to fulfil their educational potential in a safe and caring environment, both inside and outside of the academy.  Three new full time posts of Pupil Premium Year Managers have been created to provide tailored interventions to address barriers to learning in Yr7 through to Yr11.

Pupil Premium funding will continue to be used to fund a range of established targeted interventions for PP students from 1:1s and small group work within school, to off-site provision at other educational establishments.  These interventions are as follows: Matrix (approx. £2,800); Peer Mentoring; Bereavement Counselling (£700); Leadership Training at Matrix (£600 annually); First Aid Training for Prefects (£30.00 per PP pupil approx.); Attendance Trip (£35 per PP pupil). 

A range of additional resources will continue to be funded through the pupil premium initiative; Lexia user licences for use at home and licences for the accelerated reading scheme.

Pupil Premium funding for 2016-2017 will be used to provide lunch club supervision and specialist tuition (£1:00 per PP pupil) and targeted sessions to purchase a range of engaging resources (£1500) and revisions guides (£1000) to encourage PP student participation in these sessions.  This initiative will enable many students from economically disadvantaged background to engage in activities on a regular basis to which they would otherwise not have had access.  It also encourages these students to engage with the wider curriculum and contribute to the improved academic results in the academy.  Support for the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme will be provided through 2016-17 and PP pupils in year 10 will be given priority and support with funding (approx £50 per PP pupil)

Since the Go-For-It initiative has now ceased, a proportion of the funding will be used to support additional activities which take place within the academy and to fund a proportion of the cost of course related extra-curricular visits. PP pupils will also be able to apply for a contribution to engage in an approved outside extra-curricular activity (current contribution is currently 20%).

To promote competitions and challenge for pupils in this group, a house system has been introduced and a Head of House has been appointed to continue to work directly with year groups and ensure there is fair provision and access to a range of competitions and challenges across curriculum areas, especially for PP pupils.  It is hoped that this initiative will be successful in encouraging PP pupils to participate in clubs, activities and competitions within school and outside of school. 

To ensure PP pupils will not be disadvantaged due to a lack of access to ICT, USB pens will be available to help PP pupils print out their work at school. Additional extra-curricular support will be available to PP pupils in addition to ICT provision within school until 5pm.

A proportion of the funding will be used to provide contributions and subsidies (£3000 allocated) for PP pupils to attend school visits to help them apply their learning to wider, real-life contexts and to enrich their experience of the curriculum.                                                 

Funding will also be used to provide appropriate, energy fuelled refreshments for students (50p per PP pupil) at morning exam briefings.  This initiative ensures that pupils from this group are in the position to perform at their best.  Water will also be provided (30p per PP pupil) during the exam, to ensure students are hydrated and can perform to the best of their ability.  

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