The Highcrest Academy

OUR Behaviour and Attitude Objectives

Our Intentions

  • To instil the UNICEF Rights Respecting agenda, ensuring that respect and positive relationships are at the heart of everything that we do.
  • To ensure our students have high attendance and are punctual so that disruption to their learning is minimal.
  • To ensure that our behaviour and attendance policies are affective, with clearly defined consequences that are applied consistently and fairly by all staff.

Our Implementation

  • Our staff are consistently consistent; fairly applying and reinforcing our Core Routines and setting high expectations for our students’ behaviour, conduct, attendance and punctuality.
  • Our staff provide a calm and orderly environment, both around the academy and within the classroom, that enables students of all abilities and backgrounds to be able to learn
  • Our staff regularly use praise and utilise every suitable opportunity to celebrate both academic excellence and personal successes amongst peer groups and with parents.
  • Our staff use every suitable opportunity to explore our values and virtues,  reinforcing them during pastoral time, lesson time and assemblies.
  • Our staff support our students to develop their character – including their Ambition, Sensitivity, Purpose, Integrity, Resilience and Eloquence, enabling them to enjoy and fully participate in their learning journey.

Our Impact

  • Our students are able to forge strong, positive relationships with our staff, ensuring they feel happy, safe and secure enabling them to ‘Aspire and Achieve’.
  • Our students display high standards of behaviour, courtesy, appearance, behaviour and positive attitudes to learning, demonstrating high levels of commitment that enables them to study effectively.
  • Our students understand the importance of high attendance and good punctuality and strive to achieve their personal challenging targets.
  • Our students are outstanding role models who always represent Highcrest in a positive manner; they care about their staff; they care about and support each other; and ultimately they care about their education.