The Highcrest Academy

OUR Personal Development Objectives

Our Intention

  • To provide a learning environment that extends beyond the academic and technical to enable self-discovery and the development of character within an inclusive and diverse community.
  • To facilitate the emergence of resilience, confidence and independence along with the knowledge of how to keep physically and mentally healthy.
  • To utilise our values and virtues, helping us build bridges to overcome any potential barriers to learning that our students may face.

Our Implementation

  • Our pastoral team provides a foundation assessment which identifies barriers to learning and tailors’ appropriate interventions to the needs of the students.
  • Our Inclusion Support offers a nurturing, quiet environment to support students who need an alternative approach to achieve success.
  • Our Heads of Learning monitor progress and identify opportunities to enrich students experience of school, encouraging personal development.
  • Our SEN Team ensure that targeted support is available for students who require it.
  • Our EAL Team work with students on both an academic and social level to ensure every opportunity is taken to immerse students in the English language.
  • Our Careers Officer provides a wide range of opportunities throughout the school for students to discover their interests and possible future careers.
  • Our Mental Health Co-ordinator provides individual care and signposting.
  • Our teachers deliver a broad Personal, Social, Health and Economic curriculum within Life Lessons, enabling students to understand, consider and discuss relevant and sensitive topics based on factual information.
  • Our Form Tutors build positive relationships with their tutees and can recognise when a student is struggling as well as praising and encouraging achievements and endeavour.
  • Our Designated Safeguarding Lead Team ensure that students who require additional support have a strong network around them including a wide range of outside agencies.
  • Our multi-agency partners have excellent working relationships with our team and work with us proactively to create a holistic approach to personal development that secures 360-degree support for our students.
  • Our staff use every suitable opportunity to explore our values and virtues,  reinforcing them during pastoral time and assemblies.

Our Impact

  • Our students are vibrant young people who are preparing for life in modern Britain.
  • Our students have access to a range of opportunities and support that facilitate their development towards becoming responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to society.
  • Our students understand British values and, through understanding, have an appreciation of diversity; celebrating what we have in common and promoting respect for the different protected characteristics as defined in law.
  • Our students make practical and effective use of our values and virtues, enabling them to refine and develop their character.