The Highcrest Academy

OUR Quality of Education Objectives

Our Intention

  • To construct a coherently planned, well sequenced and ambitious curriculum.
  • To construct a curriculum that has academic, technical or vocational options that meet the varied needs of our students.
  • To construct a curriculum that gives our students the knowledge and cultural capital they will need to succeed throughout their lives.
  • To utilise our values and virtues, helping us build bridges to overcome any potential barriers to learning that our students may face.

Our Implementation

  • Our teachers have, and continue to develop, outstanding subject knowledge.
  • Our teachers plan and teach courses that enable our students to remember knowledge over time.
  • Our teachers promote discussion and check students understanding, thus avoiding misconceptions and enabling them to adapt their teaching as necessary.
  • Our teachers and leaders use assessment to inform teaching and implement appropriate interventions that will help our students embed knowledge.
  • Our teachers provide formative feedback that enables our students to make progress over time.
  • Our teachers utilise resources to excite and stimulate our students and thus create a positive learning environment that enhances the learning journey for our students.
  • Our teachers promote the teaching of reading to help our students’ develop their self confidence, eloquence and enjoyment of reading.
  • Our teachers use every suitable opportunity to explore and reinforce our values and virtues within lesson time.

Our Impact

  • Our students enjoy reading widely and are provided with a range of opportunities to speak in public.
  • Our students develop their knowledge and skills across the curriculum, and as a result, achieve well.
  • Our students are fully prepared for life after Highcrest, whether that be education, training or employment
  • Our students enjoy learning; they aspire and achieve.
  • Our students make practical and effective use of our values and virtues, enabling them to refine and develop their character.