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Message From The Principal

I am delighted to be able to welcome you to The Highcrest Academy.

We are a vibrant, happy school in which every student is given the opportunity to develop their talents and to flourish as individuals. Your child’s education is as important to us as it is to you and we are relentless in our pursuit of building a cohesive culture and curriculum that matches the varied needs of our students.

Our motto, ‘Aspire and Achieve’ is central to our philosophy. We are committed to making sure that every student makes outstanding progress and succeeds both academically and in terms of their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Indeed, we value a strong work ethic and aim to develop, sometimes hidden or unsuspected talent, into fruition.

We have a series of six virtues linked to our motto: Ambition, Sensitivity, Purpose, Integrity, Resilience and Eloquence. These virtues help us build, develop and refine our students’ characters, so that they don’t only go on to become happy and successful members of our community, but one day, happy and successful members of society. All who work at the academy reinforce these virtues, lesson by lesson, day by day, week by week, helping us instil a culture of excellence that runs throughout every strand of our Academy.   

Here at Highcrest, we are committed to setting high expectations for the conduct of our pupils and believe it is crucial for there to be an established culture in which all are able to excel. We want all the children who come to the academy to enjoy their learning and to become thoughtful, articulate, confident and responsible members of society.

Our personalised curriculum is enhanced by numerous extra-curricular opportunities, community and business projects, national and international competitions and a thriving House System. This encourages staff and students of all ages to work together.

Our website will give you a brief insight into our ethos and our work. I would, however, encourage you to arrange a visit so you can see for yourself what makes The Highcrest Academy so special. 

G D Burke | Principal

Glen Burke       

A Welcome from our Head Girl

I am honoured to be Head Girl at The Highcrest Academy, a school that provides you with a supportive environment to achieve all your ambitions. My journey started when I joined the academy in Year 7, where I have been privileged with the endless opportunities and have excelled to become the young woman I am today.


At The Highcrest Academy, we offer range of opportunities. I am truly passionate about the vast prospects we provide to all students. We emphasise equality and diversity by celebrating every student's background, this makes our academy the amazing friendly place it is today. Being motivated and encouraged to take part in numerous activities allows us students to balance our education with social events. We provide something for everyone, from our extra-curricular activities including debate club, the variety of sports clubs and even sign language classes to ensure each student can achieve their inner passions and interests. Our hard work and resilience is celebrated both inside and outside the classroom. Exciting trips to Thorpe Park, honourable mentions from teachers and even gifts to be won in the Celebration of Excellence are ways in which our community get together to recognise our achievements.


Our motto “Aspire & Achieve” pushes all of us to our maximum potential, the school celebrates each student journey, progression and success and I am very grateful for the daily inspiration and such amazing opportunities.



Our motto “Aspire  & Achieve” pushes all of us to our maximum potential, the school celebrates each student journey, progression and success and I am very grateful for the daily inspiration and such amazing opportunities.."

A Welcome from our Head Boy


 "There is something for everyone at Highcrest."

Being a student of The Highcrest Academy is an incredible gateway for the adult life with its focus on building essential life skills as well as strong independence preparing us for a successful future. The environment at Highcrest is friendly and comforting allowing students to develop socially and truly become themselves building unique characters. There is full support from teachers and peers for students to reach their potential academically as well as personally. The numerous extracurricular opportunities for pupils such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award and multiple school trips adds to the character building and creates amazing experiences students are bound to never forget. There is something for everyone at Highcrest with multiple clubs held every day assuring that pupils develop hobbies and passions. I am honoured to be the Head Boy of The Highcrest Academy as it is a tremendous school, truly focussing on ensuring students have great aspirations and building their way to achieve them.


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